Проводимо набір статей до публікації у науковому фаховому журналі "Вісник КНТЕУ" з економічних та філософських наук

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The issues of macroeconomic theory and economic reform in Ukraine;
 improving the efficiency of business in different sectors;
 management and marketing in trade, hospitality and tourism;
 accounting, financial analysis and control;
 development of the stock, insurance and banking markets;
 formation of range of products and improvement of their quality;
 development of foreign trade.
 mastering the philosophical heritage and historical sciences and others.


Established: 1998
ISSN:1727-9313 (Print), 2616-5856 (Online)
Certificate of state registration: KB Nr 13100-1984 PR of 23.08.2007
State attestation committee of the Ministry of Education and Science  Order  Nr 1222 of 07.10.2016 to 07.12.2021
High attestation committee of Ukraine: Order Nr 1528 of 29.12.2014 to 29.12.2019 on Economic science
Resolution Nr 1-05/4 of 14.10.2009 to 10.04.2016 – on Philosophic Science
Resolution Nr 1-02/3 of 10.02.2010  to 10.02.2015 – on Economic Science
Resolution Nr1-05/1 of14.10.2009  to14.10.2014– on Economic Science
Resolution Nr 3-05/9 of 14.11.2001 to 14.11.2009 – on Political Science
Resolution Nr 1-02/3 of 10.02.1999on Economic Science
Field of Science:Economic Science
Philosophic Science
Political Science: up to 2009
Frequency:6 times a year
Language:Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed language)
Founder:Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Editor in Chief: Anatolii Mazaraki, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Deputy Editor in Editor: Nataliia Prytulska, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Executive Secretary: Svitlana Melnichenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor


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