Проводимо набір статей до публікації у науковому фаховому журналі "Вісник КНТЕУ" з економічних та філософських наук


Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 304.4(477)"19"
Doctor Historical Science, Professor at the Department of Economic Theory and Competition Policy of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics 
Background. In every society during some periods are made the ideas about the needs and the measure of them for the balance between the people lifestyle and the existing moral and spiritual standards. The main question of the domestic policy of the developed countries is finding solutions of the social problems and increasing welfare.
Analysis of recent research and publications. The complex of the political, economical and social factors, which influenced on the making of the social politics and the changes of social standards during the 90’s of the 20th c, determinate specification of the science researches: economists, sociologists, demographers, representatives of political science and lawyer ware enlisted. In the background of the world experience studies were making the models of the social politics and the criteria’s of the rating state agency role in increasing the level of the peoples life’s in the country too and influence the social standards on this process.
The aim of the article is comparative analysis of the main changes in the social sphere standards of the Ukrainians with the determining factors which influences on their dynamics.
Materials and methods. The framework of this research was presented by the Central State Archives materials of the Ukrainian public associations, statistic materials. The analysis was made based on the general analysis and synthesis methods with using cultural, anthropogenic methods and comparative analysis of the statistics.
Results. Crash of the USSR and Ukrainian statehood restoration in the conditions of development of technical and informative technologies deeply widens the amount of information that is available for Ukrainians. Increase of informative level caused the reassessment of many social standards and understanding of your own place in society compared to the different types of Republic population: sharply increasing finances of the leaders of the financial-industrial groups and fights between them to get the power can’t be marked and sometimes make stormy reaction in the society.
Conclusion. Also during the 90’s of the XX century in Ukraine the peoples working motivation was formed under the influence of the "wild capitalism" that takes to domination of the work financial motivation in Ukrainian society excluding some job representatives (for example some categories of teachers, scientists, medicine workers, because their world view was formed in collectivism and individual values were hard to understand). In the condition of crisis partied character of economic relationship between hired workers and employers in flavor of the latter was deformed. So, that’s why the values of the cost regulation of the minimal salary can’t provide the regular compromise between fulfilling of needs of the workers and the existing economic situation. The increase of the differences of social standards between the poor and wealth people in Ukraine leads to the aggravation of social tensions in society and to the disappointment of the ability to ensure their own welfare within legitimate economic activity.
Keywords: social politics, social standards, economic reforms, financial support, "shadow" economy.